The Challenge

The Making of an Agri-Brand

A 1500-head dairy operating across multiple states, Betley Family Farms is the very image of a successful modern agribusiness: clean, efficient — and planning on growing larger.

Like many dairies of Betley’s size, however, they battle the negative press that comes with being a “mega-farm” — especially how animals have sometimes been treated in these environments. Alternately, they also face common misconceptions of family farms as stodgy, old-fashioned rural sidelines, rather than the national/international businesses they are today.

On their way to yet another expansion, Betley Farms enlisted Wild Blue to create a name and logo that better represented their modern, intelligent business.


The Solution

Via interview sessions with key stakeholders, including farm staff, it was discovered just how forward-thinking Betley Farms was compared to others in their industry.

In their use of technology to monitor the herd’s health, in maintaining health through nutrition, in empowerment of staff (whom they call “family”), and in the clean, comfortable facilities for the cattle, Betley is committed to maintaining a leading-edge operation.

This was the key. The insight.

Wild Blue took the opportunity to suggest changing the farm’s name to Betley Family Farms. Here was an American company, with the equity that comes with still being owned by the family that originated it.

The resulting new logo is a modern interpretation of the family heritage. Designed to reflect their roots and progressive attitude for the future.

The Results

Today, Betley Family Farms continues to expand their herd, and has created a business division to grow their own forage. They use the cows’ waste to generate power (methane), and planted a pollinator field to support the sustainability and versatility of their growing environment.

As the farm adapts and grows, the brand identity serves as a collective force, pulling their caring staff and intelligent methods together.