The Challenge

Brain Candy Management (BCM) is a non-traditional music management interest working to enter an exceedingly competitive industry. Specializing in electronic, rap, and alternative music genres, BCM intended to develop an aura of diversity that artists of many backgrounds could find welcoming.

With an eye toward establishing a bold, differentiating presence as quickly as possible, BCM enlisted the help of Wild Blue to offer an edgy brand identity solution — one that would deliver a visual manifestation of their innovation, entrepreneurship, and artistry.

Brain Candy Logo

The Solution

Musical artists of all genres need partners who can help them more fully develop their creative potential. BCM had all the the right stuff, from expertise and experience, to opportunities and contacts. Now they had to prove it.

The solution was a voice, tone, look and feel that married two worlds of music: the iconoclastic, edgy irreverence of the musician; and the buttoned-up business acumen of the industry. All while adhering to BCM’s mission of “helping artists go beyond the traditional in all that they do.”

Through logo design, color palette, font choices and more, a brand identity that stood out and opened conversations was created.

The Results

Brain Candy Management has now taken up permanent residence in music city, Nashville, Tennessee, where their presence in the industry continues to grow.

“A visual manifestation of innovation, entrepreneurship, and artistry.”