The Challenge

Bringing up baby

Expectant parents spend an inordinate amount of time researching products for their babies. The best stroller. The safest car seat. The nicest crib. There are few limits. When it comes to diapers and wipes, however — two products that can have a very real impact on newborns’ physical and psychological development — exploration is rare.

For Kimberly-Clark, education was imperative. They were confident providing information on the category and their Huggies brand would give parents insights to make their babies healthier and more comfortable, while at the same time capturing their loyalty at the beginning of the customer lifecycle.

K-C challenged Wild Blue to help reach these parents, encouraging them to learn as much about diapers and wipes as they would any other item for their baby.


The Solution

Rather than relying solely on paid or earned media, Wild Blue prescribed a different approach, one that would disrupt the normal shopping experience: a store-within-a-store, dedicated to Huggies, operated by people who would talk about the entire experience of having a baby.

The experience was located within the Babies-R-Us in Union Square outlet in New York City, a metro area enjoying one of the top-three birthrates in the country. Supplementing radio ads and social media, shoppers entering the store encountered a concierge who helped them navigate brand offerings and the “new baby experience.”

They suggested different products, helped them build a registry, allowed them to touch an actual diaper, and talked about the fragility of pre-term and full-term babies skin.

In short, everything an inexperienced parent should know about protecting their infant through the proper diapers and wipes.

The Results

Through the combination of media and the live event, Huggies was able to generate a double-digit sales lift during the span of the in-store promotion. Babies-R-Us was so impressed, they invited Huggies to do additional such events, truly galvanizing the CPG/retailer relationship.

Legendary Place. Legendary Taste.
Legendary Place. Legendary Taste.