Category Reinvention

Success starts with category. And grows from there.

Out of necessity, reimagining the role of the physical store begins at the category level and works its way out. We follow a holistic model at Wild Blue. Our solutions are aimed first at lifting entire categories on behalf of the brands we serve within those categories.

For the retailer, our efforts translate directly into increased baskets and higher margins. For brand marketers, the payoff comes with a deeply enhanced credibility among their very best customers. And then the brand sales come.

“We asked what if we completely started over and took every shelf off that aisle, what would we do differently?”

Brian Kavanagh, Senior Director of Retail Evolution, The Hershey Company

Category Reinvention Capabilities

Strategic Development / Space Planning & Design / In-Store Virtualization / Interactive Development / Fabricating & Finishing

A rising tide raises all ships. Category reinvention provides the lift.