The Challenge

goPuff is an online, 24/7 store and delivery service, catering largely to urban 20-somethings. Their value is an ability to quickly deliver just about anything found at the typical C-store for a single flat rate — perfect for the couch surfer who doesn’t want to venture out at 2am.

While goPuff was undoubtedly catching on, its owners also felt the need to build deeper experiential connections with their core customers. Something fresh and different, and required a more immersive level of participation than the typical website visit. If it could drive unplanned purchases, all the better.

In 2017, goPuff, along with partner Hershey’s, approached Wild Blue for development of the answer: goPuff VR, the fully shoppable Virtual Reality store experience.

The Solution

Modern VR represents a migration from its “geeks only” underpinnings, to mass-consumer acceptance. With the availability of mobile VR devices growing 178%, and mobile apps up 184%, the infrastructure is in place.

For goPuff VR, yes, it was about delivering the goods. But in a form that would win the hearts and minds of a hard-to-impress Millennial audience. The store developed by Wild Blue harnesses fun as much as functionality, “eye-candy with a purpose.”

From a central landing “hub,” goPuff VR presents popular grab-and-go convenience categories such as ice cream, drinks and munchies in themed virtual environments. Wearing VR headgear, shoppers explore and experience products, making new discoveries and finding their favorites within a universe so realistic, it could almost be touched.

Want to visit a tropical island to get your cola? No problem, goPuff VR will take you right to the beach. Browse for your pints of ice cream amongst a valley bounded by fudge-capped ice cream peaks? Look around, you’re in it.

A simple click puts it in your basket,and when you’re ready to checkout, the goPuff app is connected and ready.