Few NFL franchises can boast a fan base as fervent as can the Green Bay Packers. For those making a home-game pilgrimage to Lambeau Field, expectations are high. The excitement of the stadium experience has to match the energy coursing through the crowd — a mission in part accomplished by an electrifying in-stadium animation package

Packeres Big Sky Scoreboard


Second only to the Packers themselves for getting the crowd on their feet, Lambeau’s in-stadium animations are essential to immersion. Each animation is telecast over Lambeau’s towering 108’ x 48’ TundraVision HD billboard screens and into each luxury suite. So, whatever we developed would have to deliver with drama and impact.

X’S & OH’S

The process started with dozens of style concepts and visual iterations, collaborating with the Packer organization. We agreed upon a presentation that reflected the team’s unique historical roots and included a healthy visual diet of weathered, colossal imagery mixed with accelerated animations and hard cut edits. An overall gritty visual experience that only the oldest, most storied NFL franchise could employ on game day.

Packer Football Illustration

In the end, the Packers applauded. They liked it enough to put it into play for the next three seasons. We’re still doing leaps here at Wild Blue.