The Challenge

Building a candy store within the larger store

For decades, the Hershey Company has been a valued advisor to most major U.S. retailers. Their category insights are trusted to improve the shopper experience and boost in-store conversion, growing the overall confection category throughout their stores.

And yet, confection poses a challenge for retailers. Though margins are high and the category profitable, candy isn’t found on the typical shopping list. That means only 1 in 4 shoppers venture down the confection aisle, and a fraction of those are converting.

Wild Blue was tasked with improving those numbers, designing a category solution that heightened engagement and made the aisle easier to shop.

“This is literally creating a shopping experience for consumers that takes them out of their usual shopping routine.”

Rick Price, Senior Manager, Hershey’s Merchandising Center of Excellence

The Solution

Category insights revealed that shoppers love confection and confection brands, and need 
to be reminded of this in store. Research showed that when the shopping experience reminds consumers of their 
love for the candy and celebrates the category, aisle exploration and conversion rates dramatically increase.

Wild Blue designed a differentiated candy shopping experience, a confection “store-within-a-store” that would celebrate favorite brands and deliver on the fun, whimsical and playful nature of the category.

The immersive designs and displays remind shoppers that they love confection, and help make the shopping experience delightful, memorable and rewarding.