Innovation Centers

Progressive retailers aren’t looking for more stuff. They’re looking for more answers.

Retail Innovation Centers are where those answers are shared and relationships forged. In one place, at one time, you gather the highest levels of retail leadership, within a simple, unique and differentiating framework of mutual discovery.

They voice their challenges and concerns. They get an inside look at the measurable, testable category solutions you’ve been working on.

Part laboratory, part showroom, part theatre, RICs are essential to elevating the retail experience through best-in-class strategies seen through the lens of the shopper.

"The implications of operating without a vision for evolving retail are simply too great."

Steve McLean, Founder/CEO, Wild Blue

Innovation Center Capabilities

Site Audits & Feasibility Studies / IT Architecture & Infrastructure Consulting / Space Planning & Interior Design / Retail Innovation & Concept Development / Immersive Storytelling & Design / Installation, Operation & Ongoing Support

The highest levels of leadership from retail and goods makers gather, collaborating openly on the category issues that most directly impact ongoing success, whether current shopping trends and emerging behavioral shifts, or longer-term challenges.

With everything on the table, points-of-view move more quickly from initial ideas, to fleshed-out concepts, from consumer testing, to real-world opportunities.

In the end, the Retail Innovation Center allows brands to thrive in a way unique to all others. They allow goods makers to prove their value as partners whom retailers can trust to lift entire categories, not merely sell more of their own goods. In a retail landscape defined largely by the unpredictability of rapid change, trust may be the greatest asset of all.

Retailers want your most innovative thinking. They want help delivering unique, ownable experiences.
That is exactly where Wild Blue excels.

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