The Challenge

Tailoring the ideal in-store sales solution

Enduring style. Comfort. Value for the occasions that matter. These are the attributes Levi’s Dockers are leveraging, ideally on their way to becoming the leading khaki lifestyle brand in the world.

In 2014, after an exhaustive brand positioning exercise, the Dockers team was ready to commence a relaunch of sorts. The plan was to reassert themselves in retail – both in wholesale, and also potentially in newly reimagined mainline stores.

Levi’s knows the Dockers customer. He’s layered, nuanced in a way that goes well beyond outward appearances. When the Dockers “guy” is uncertain of which pair offers the right fit for his build, his lifestyle, the occasion, a match to other pieces of wardrobe and more … it poses a problem.

In an effort to solve this problem and better connect with their target consumer, and also make a splash with their retail reset, Dockers’ leaders approached Wild Blue for an original and compelling in-store experiential piece.


The Solution

Leveraging Wild Blue’s proprietary retail shopping technology TipTop, a fully customized in-store kiosk was developed. When a pair of Dockers are placed upon the kiosk’s touchscreen surface, RFID-enabled tags immediately identify it and provide details.

Through simple, intuitive interfaces, shoppers gather the information they need to learn more about the fit they’ve chosen, receive recommendations based upon preference in terms of comfort and style, and are even given suggestions as to accompanying wardrobe pieces that work well with the selected piece.

Store navigational information would also guide visitors to where those additional pieces are found in-store or online.

Levi's Dockers Tip Top Table
“When the Dockers guy’s unsure of which pair offer the right fit — not just for his waist, but for his lifestyle — it poses a problem.”

The Results

The new Dockers TipTop kiosk offers shoppers an engaging in-store experience that not only solves a problem and facilitates sales, but does so in a way that delivers completely on the Dockers brand. Company leadership continues to develop their go-to-market strategy for their new mainline stores, while TipTop undoubtedly positions Levi’s to generate interest and attention to their reinvented store presence.

Legendary Place. Legendary Taste.