The Challenge

Across the U.S., infants continue to face serious injury and even death due to Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS). With 22 substantiated deaths reported in Wisconsin in 2016 alone, the Marathon County Early Years Coalition (EYC) chose to act.

Launching an effort to educate new (and often at-risk) parents and caregivers, the EYC called in Wild Blue to develop a web-based video series. Videos would address such issues as safety seats, safe sleeping and Head Trauma, seen here.

The challenge was clear: address the issues frankly and honestly, but in a way that produces results while avoiding even a hint of judgement.

The Solution

Sensitive topics require the checking of many communications boxes. Too preachy, and people are turned off. Overly dry, and the “information skimming” generation tunes out. Hyper-complicated, and those for whom English is a second language (ESL) miss key information.

To head these problems off, Wild Blue settled on crisp, colorful animated spots. Produced by Wild Blue’s in-house animators and writers, each video, including Head Trauma, is under four minutes long and carried by an empathetic female voice.

Simplified concepts and straightforward language aid in understanding, while colorful animations capture attention and make the entire experience a welcoming, positive one.

The Result

EYC is reporting positive responses to the videos, using post-view quiz results as a benchmark. They’ve proven especially helpful to those who might not have access to parenting information from family members or other sources. EYC is also allowing use of this video by similar non-profits around the country, in the hopes of having a wider impact on reducing the occurrences of these avoidable issues.