The Challenge

Grocery retailing by a new set of rules

The desires of the grocery shopper have changed drastically over the years. What really hasn’t is the trip to the grocery store.

You park. You push a cart up and down aisles. You pull items off shelves. You check out. You load up your car and you leave. Not that different from 1960. That simply won’t fly with a generation raised to expect immersion and interest at every turn.

Wild Blue was engaged by Hershey to create a series of futuristic concepts that would picture a very different path for grocery shopping. In this future, there are no more one-size-fits-all experiences replicated for every demographic.

Instead, replenishing home food supplies becomes a highly personalized lifestyle experience. Yes, carts are filled. But perhaps more importantly, expectations are fulfilled. Engagement becomes the norm rather than the exception — and retail brands resonate with relevance.

““Meet Hershey’s Medley, the grocery store of the future”

The Solution

Medley is a branded ecosystem of physical and virtual grocery shopping opportunities. More than the chain of the future, Medley was envisioned as the grocer who would provide an optimized experience, no matter where you lived and worked, or how you wanted to shop.

Creating such a vision required a shift in thought regarding the current grocery model. Rather than big boxes replicated across the countryside, Medley stores are built around missions, locales, dayparts and other variables that change from shopper to shopper.

Under Medley, urban and suburban stores have the ability to become “hangout hubs” of social activity. Cooking demonstrations and relaxation spaces run parallel with food replenishment. Nutritional and culinary experts replace shelf stockers. Concierges greet and guide. Convenience and ease are baked in.

For shoppers who choose not to go to a Medley store, Medley Virtual brings the store to the shopper in vivid 3D. In all cases, even the most routine trip becomes an experience to remember, evolving from something tolerated, to an immersive, rewarding lifestyle experience.

The Results

Unveiled at Hershey’s Global Customer Innovation Center (GCIC), Medley has generated substantial interest among Hershey’s retail customers looking for fresh ideas. The concepts have given Hershey a unique ability to further conversations with retail partners, helping them explore and develop the channel experiences that meet the desires of today’s consumer. Such was the success, in fact, that the next iteration of Medley is now in motion.