The Challenge

Paper Converting Machine Company (PCMC) approached Wild Blue to craft an innovative solution for showcasing their machines and equipment.

PCMC is a known leader in tissue converting, packaging, flexographic printing and nonwovens technology. However, due to their machinery’s size, PCMC is often unable to demo much of their equipment at industry trade shows or remote customer meetings. Prospective customers typically have to travel to PCMC’s headquarters in Green Bay, WI to see the machines in operation. Understandably, this presents challenges to remote customers and contributes to a slowing of the overall sales cycle.

Together, we explored how to best leverage emerging technologies and bring their Fusion C flexographic print press to customers, beginning with the INFOFLEX 2019 show, the premiere flexographic print press show in North America.

The Solution

We collaborated with PCMC cross-functional stakeholders, exploring and testing various digital platform solutions, including Projection Mapping, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (VR). Out of that discovery period, we collectively decided to pursue a custom VR application, bringing the Fusion C to life in virtual space.

Using PCMC’s existing machine engineering files, we developed a custom interactive VR application. The application features a fully navigable environment. Users are able to move around, go underneath, and view the top of the machine, all while the machine is in full operation through custom animation. To fully convey the nuanced features of the Fusion C, we incorporated call-outs describing the machine’s functions. These call-outs automatically appear as the participant explores and interacts with the machine.

We used retopology to optimize PCMC’s Fusion C flexographic print press for the VR environment.

The Results

The application proved to be a highlight of the INFOFLEX 2019 show and promises to help PCMC overcome logistical hurdles when showcasing their equipment, whether that be at trade shows or remote customer meetings. And as the demo exists virtually, any future machine alterations and improvements can be added to keep the application up to date.