The Challenge

The sweet smell of success

When your business makes a lot of scents — literally scented products — nothing is more of a selling point than the fragrance itself.

Such was the view of SC Johnson. Glade, their primary air care brand, boasts a broad portfolio of household air fresheners, including sprays, candles, oils, and various room air fragrance products.

For the Glade team, controlling product sampling impressions was perhaps the greatest challenge. New product sampling in top-to-top retailer meetings are often delivered via underwhelming, emotionally-detached scratch-and-sniff fragrance cards. In-store sampling can lead to cross-contamination among their own products, which will misrepresent each’s true aroma.


The Solution

To help them overcome their challenges, Wild Blue developed two custom interactive sampling solutions. Each delivered an immersive experience that would effectively manage the fragrance contamination issue, while at the same time leverage digital technology as a means to connect emotionally with the sampling participant.

The first solution provided an in-store retail sampling kiosk, a “fragrance station” that married interactive digital content with an innovative fragrance evacuation system, managing the potential for fragrance over-spray. The other concept was developed to be more of an on-campus or special event oriented experiential product sampling booth.

The Results

While still being considered for implementation, the concepts met with SC Johnson’s approval, solving the brand’s challenges around sampling and emotional resonance, and providing brand leaders with a compelling solution to bring to their key retail partners.

Legendary Place. Legendary Taste.