The Challenge

For nearly 20 years, Green Bay’s Titletown Brewing Company had been crafting quality small-batch beers. Locals had come to know and love the friendly little Brew Pub located in the 19th century train depot. But changes were on the horizon.

A tap room with large scale bottling expansion was underway and for the first time, Titletown labels would be found in retail.

The challenge for Titletown was to discover a different definition of their brand, something that lay further down the tracks and told a bigger story that could be embraced by those who’d never even been to the depot.

Many business situations provide an opportunity to rebrand. Change in offering, market expansion, diversifying an audience, and overall business growth. Titletown happened to be experiencing all four.

The Solution

Step one was a creative analysis of existing brand assets, followed by a series of discovery sessions with key stakeholders and staff. From this dialog, a comprehensive understanding of Titletown was gained, which helped in crafting an authentic, multi-faceted story.

We further evaluated the competitive landscape both locally and statewide, ensuring a strategic positioning that truly differentiated Titletown in a crowded craft brew marketplace.

From strategy evolved logo redesign, a packaging system and unique custom label illustrations. With a common design across all varieties, flexibility was maximized, production costs minimized, and another step was removed from the time it takes to get a new product to market.

Titletown Logo

The Results

Today, Titletown is enjoying the best of two worlds: a powerhouse local-brand that remains relevant to a generation of loyal customers; and a retail brand that tells and sells at shelves that could be hundreds of miles away.

Titletown merchandise sales have tripled, and total sales of their beer jumped fourfold between the 2014 brand refresh and 2017.

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Titletown Illustration
Titletown Exterior
Legendary Place. Legendary Taste.