Converting a long-empty 1917 vegetable cannery into a lively farm-to-table eatery is no small order. But to Wild Blue’s design and branding teams, the opportunity to shape the customer experience within this historic Green Bay venture was simply too good to pass up.

Envisioned as a mix of restaurant, deli, farmer’s market and shared gathering space, The Cannery would reflect the public’s growing interest in “real food experiences,” with minimal processing and traceable ingredients.

Our first task was to develop the new venture’s public-facing brand identity, including The Cannery name and logo, typography, visual communications and tone/voice.

From that point, we turned our attention to space collaborations in which functional utility was weighted equally with aesthetic appeal.

Through use of materials that carried through on the promise — planking from century-old barns, weathered and etched metals, heavy concrete elements original to the building and more, we were able to capture an environmental essence that truly tells The Cannery’s story.

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The Cannery Branding
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