Put on a happy face

Few things in life are as warm and welcoming as the simple smile. The Hershey Smile Sampler, developed in partnership with Affectiva, taps that universal reality to enhance retail snack category engagement, draw shoppers to center-store aisles, increase conversion, and boost brand loyalty — leveraging the inherent fun of candy in the process.

Shoppers love samples. The smile sampler plays into their desires delightfully.

Give the people what they want

In 2013, Hershey Qualitative Aisle Reinvention research revealed:

  • People like samples
  • When sampling is available, they’re more likely to go down candy aisles
  • When they go down the candy aisles, they’re more likely to re-engage with the category

Technologies like the Smile Sampler, developed for the Hershey Company by Wild Blue and Affectiva, have the potential to reinvigorate flagging center store snack aisle sales — still the category’s core — and add a new level of interest and relevance to an otherwise routine shopping trip.

Understanding emotional engagement

Emotions influence every aspect of consumers’ lives, including the decisions they make, large and small. The Smiler Sampler provides a window into human emotion, unlocking the emotional intelligence that awaits within media, content, products and experiences. In essence, emotion is quantified, enriching the retail experience.

Ready to lift off? Set your launch date today.

Ready to lift off? Set your launch date today.