The Challenge

Reclaiming the past with a fresh purpose

Converting a long-empty, century-old Green Bay, Wisconsin vegetable cannery into a lively, welcoming farm-to-table eatery is no small order. But that’s quite literally how The Cannery Public Market came into being.

Envisioned by its owners as a mix of restaurant, deli, farmer’s market and gathering space, The Cannery was to be a reflection of the public’s growing interest in fresh, local foods and minimally processed ingredients.

Within the Cream City brick walls, scarred by decades of honest work, a traceable authenticity would be the focus. And the pursuit of a better way of life could be shared with others of a like mind.

The challenge for Wild Blue was to bring it all together, designing an end-to-end customer experience in which credibility was never confused with kitsch.

The Cannery Branding

The Solution

The first task was to tackle the new venture’s brand identity. Options for the business name were presented, each supported by its own logo, typography, visual communications and tone/voice.

Attention was then turned to space collaborations, in which functional utility was married to aesthetic appeal.

Through use of building materials that carried through on the promise — planking reclaimed from century-old barns, weather-etched cast-off metals, original concrete supports and more — an authentic brand essence was created and uniquely delivered.

The Cannery Website

The Results

The Cannery Public Market’s story is being told, and told well. A brand complete in every respect has resonated with the public — and continues to grow.

The Cannery Branding
The Cannery Cow