Virtual Retail

The line between digital and physical is now nonexistent. While that presents inherent challenges for retailers and manufacturers, it also means areas of opportunity to capture the best of both the physical and the digital worlds.

Virtual reality technology holds the potential to create seamless digital experiences with all the comforts and tangibility found in the real, physical world. Wild Blue adapts these engaging VR/AR technologies for retail, harnessing the rich benefits of these experiential touchpoints.

From ideation through publishing, we develop a wide array of custom virtual applications, specializing in category management & shopper research software, immersive virtual shopping platforms, and concept design demonstration.

Category Management & Shopper Research Software

Wild Blue’s proprietary, licensed VR software is a fully immersive virtual solution for both category managers and shopper researchers. ReadySet is the first virtual retail application of its kind to offer full autonomy to users. As a result, high maintenance set rooms, endless store resets, and disruptive in-store shop-alongs are rendered irrelevant.

ReadySet allows category managers and retailers to collaborate in real-time planogramming, without the barriers of physical merchandising. Then users can immediately test those planograms with respondent shoppers in the same VR application, using fully-integrated virtual eye-tracking capabilities. Those insights provide instant feedback that category managers can utilize to update layouts in real-time, creating a fluid, efficient planogramming process.

It’s a virtual world of opportunity. Learn more about ReadySet

Immersive Virtual Shopping

A 2018 study from Periscope by McKinsey shows that 32% of US consumers prefer to buy CPG goods both online and in-store.* Multichannel shopping behaviors are a growing trend, and soon will cease to be a trend, becoming the new normal.

VR is a solution to satisfy consumer desires in a single platform. Shoppers can replace routine shopping trips with engaging, three-dimensional adventures that require only an app and readily available hardware. Like an online store, retailers build one digital store for everyone instead of expensive physical stores everywhere. Unlike a typical online store, shoppers interact with products, view displays, and become immersed in a shopping environment. And since that environment exists digitally, it can take on infinite, limitless forms. For example, an environment could replicate a conventional store, but it could also be something completely unique for an unexpected, gamified experience.

Virtual shopping builds an entirely new kind of store traffic with increased conversion through hyper-personalized shopper engagement.

Concept Design Demonstration

Through VR technologies, brands can iterate and engage with reimagined product packages, brand communications, layouts, and adjacencies. Decision-makers can interact with brand assets before they ever enter a prototyping or printing stage, making for a more collaborative and quicker process. Likewise, retailers can experience a reinvented shoppable space before investing in a physical build.

Ready to lift off? Set your launch date today.

Ready to lift off? Set your launch date today.

Virtual Retail Capabilities

Category Management Planning / Shopper Behavior Research / Channel Optimization / Value Proposition Identification / Strategic Concept Design / Custom Applications Development / Virtual Shopping Platforms